"We're committed to 100% ETHICAL SOURCING!"


SourceIT Global Ministries - Education, Assistance and Change: One person ...one idea at a time. Our mission is not a secret...it is the secret!

THE SOURCEIT GROUP OF COMPANIES: Headquartered in Beautiful Southern California, The SourceIT Group of Companies began as a "Sourcing" conglomerate of IT related products both here in the USA and abroad and formed its first branch operation (SOURCEIT USA) back in 2005. Not only have we expanded our horizons, but We now represent some of the largest Raw Diamond and Gold purchasers on the planet, are a Monetization source for BG's, SBLC's, MTN's, PRECIOUS METALS AND GEMSTONES (Rough or Polished) and Historic Bonds (and other US Heritage Assets), and finally a Trade Platform intake for various *invitation only* cash and asset trades. We know the ingredients for success and have been sharing them with clients on a global scale. Whether it's Gold, Diamonds, a Server or just some unique and tested strategies that will enhance wealth, The SourceIT Group of Companies has a solution for you! We are here to answer your questions....

SOURCEIT USA and its highly trained staff of sourcing professionals provide a wealth of product and information to customers worldwide. We are constantly sourcing the globe for products and merchandise that through our efforts, allow our customers to shine by widening their bottom line profits. We have grown because we put ourselves in your shoes, asking all of the right questions along the way and listening to what you want and need...and getting it to you at the absolute rock-bottom price that we can offer; that's what we're all about!

We deal primarily with "State-of-the-Art" Digital Security solutions and technologies that are cutting edge and our clients have included such companies as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Warner Brothers and the US Government. Most of our work/contracts are classified because of their nature but we can address just about any aspect of personal security/safety including disaster protection and any level of security desired.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities enable us production quantities of approximately 100 servers per week and can be adjusted to meet varying customer demands. We are constantly adding new companies and customers to our already happy list of satisfied clientele. We hope that we can earn your business and add you to that same list of satisfied customers who rely on the quality of a competitively built server. Please feel free to contact us directly to address any specific needs or configurations you may wish to discuss. We look forward to your requests!

We also stock large inventories of pre-made cable assemblies for just about every cable need you may have. Our cable manufacturing facility allows us to offer the largest inventories of pre-made cables in the world...If we don't have it, we will make it! Our trained staff is ready to offer you a competitive quote or prepare one for you based on your current specifications.

Due to the nature and sensitivity of our business activities, all transactions are private and handled with the highest level of integrity and transparency at all levels. We make every effort to remain out of the view of the general public and heavily rely on our well established relationships rooted from firsthand experience, past performance, and our ability to conduct extensive due diligence in our industry.

SOURCEIT GLOBAL MINISTRIES: This is the International Division of SourceIT USA specializing in Highly Specialized Project Funding and Global Trade Options. Highly Specialized Financial Strategies, PPP (Private Placement Programs and Managed Buy / Sell opportunities) are our specialty and niche. Our Mission is to create a perpetual assistance fund for the sole purpose of funding humanitarian projects and other charitable efforts on a global basis and within the continental United States. We will fund anything and everything within our legal boundaries both here in the United States and abroad as long as it helps and promotes economic growth within our nation and the world. All while maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times. Through our training and educational efforts, we wish to bring forth and allow a new positive influx of people, ideas and energy that we believe will truly change the world. SourceIT Global Ministries - Education, Assistance and Change: One person and one idea at a time. Our mission is not a secret...it is the secret!

XTERA HOLDINGS LLC: The link connecting our domestic and international dealings involving SOURCEIT USA (Domestic) and SOURCEIT GLOBAL MINISTRIES (International). Everything is bridged through our entity Xtera Holdings and Source X. This connection further assists us with the creation and implementation of strategies that help us maintain our mission.

We also coordinate and structure "Out-of-the-Box" and "Creative" Strategies for MONETIZATION (non-recourse) OF BANK FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS (BG/SBLC), TRADE GOLD (AU) SKR'S, and can assist with the MONETIZATION of just about any asset (as long as is carries an insurance-wrap or is accompanied by SKR with FULL BANKING RESPONSIBILITY).

Experience has taught us that wisdom is learned as well as earned. Through the years we have ALWAYS maintained a POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards just about anything / everything and now are truly realizing our TRUE WORTH and POTENTIAL. We are TRUE BELIEVERS of SPIRIT and INTEGRITY, which has opened another side of our potential...a unique "gut feeling" that guides our thoughts and actions towards a more fulfilling life and existence. It's NOT all about the money, but about pursuing your DREAM...whatever that may be...and finding out what your divine purpose on this planet is! We have figured out what "THAT" is and wish to share it with you and with others... and WE get most of our satisfaction while assisting others in realizing their dreams and objectives. By doing and accomplishing that, what is released to us is an INFINITE supply of whatever we need and we always thank God and the Lord for all the BLESSINGS we receive and are able to share with you. Once you figure that out...you become part of the BIGGER PICTURE...we become BETTER people...that are GUIDED and CONNECTED in ways you only could imagine. We would be happy to share this and anything else with you that would make you more aware of this "magical" trait that will only bring you more success and fulfillment than anything else we have ever tried or witnessed!
Come let us show you how!

Join our team of satisfied customers worldwide and let SourceIT USA "Source It" for you!