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SourceIT USA Security Solutions: Our Mission: To deliver products of the highest quality to help assure the safety, security, and protection of our clients, their families, employees, and property.

Typically we will meet with the client and or security consultant to determine the specific threats and how to mitigate them. It is preferred to perform this consultation on-site as this will determine the physical restrictions associated with the design. The safe room must also incorporate such practical matters as costs and available space and most important, the number of occupants and the time frame the safe room will be required to function for.

Public Safety | Commercial Two-Way Radio Solutions
SourceIT USA provides Analog and Digital DMR and P25 Public Safety compliant two-way radios, repeater systems as well as two-way radio accessories for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMS, Public Works, Military, Educational Institutions and Businesses nationwide. Regardless of your communication needs, from simple legacy analog radios to P25 Communications Solutions, fully compliant with the Project 25 interoperability standards, through our large selection of RCA two-way radio products we have the right solution that will perfectly fit your requirements. We furnish COMPLETE TURNKEY SOLUTIONS...It's the solution that matters!

SourceIT USA specializes in the design / build of corporate safe rooms, which offer blast-ballistic-forced entry and chemical gas protection for a short period of time in the event of a terrorist attack in a major city. Experience has taught us that the board room is a logical choice to function as a duel use safe room. We offer a full turnkey security solution, engineering, manufacturing, electronics integration, project planning and installation is handled in-house which ensures the level of discretion and professionalism our clientele expect. The installation phase of the project plays a critical role in the process, particular attention is paid to project planning to ensure that a quality system is installed in a timely manner. State of the art composites that are light weight but also offer high protection levels are incorporated into our safe rooms, this leads to the elimination of weight issues which enables us to perform retrofits of existing locations in a short period of time. Our safe rooms are designed to meet or exceed UL, NIJ, DIN and CEN standards.

Entry Systems
Our doors are engineered to mitigate the highest threat levels yet blend seamlessly into the surrounding architecture through implementation of quality materials including light weight ballistic composites,, high end wood veneers, stainless steel and power coating finishes. Existing glass wall panels are replaced with ultra-clear ballistic glass. Our high security locking systems are designed to offer the maximum protection levels available and are concealed within the door during the manufacturing phase which enhances the aesthetics of the finished product without compromising security.

Our air filtration systems combined with our alternate power sources are designed to offer protection from the effects of nuclear, chemical and biological gases for an extended period of time by creating an over-pressurized environment within the safe room. Our systems are designed to interphase with the existing electrical and air conditioning systems which creates a seamless automatic engagement of the bio defense unit in an emergency situation. Exterior and interior air monitors are incorporated enabling the safe room occupants to identify potential air borne contaminants on a real time basis.

Benefits of SourceIT USA NVRs:

Custom Drive and Memory Capacities
Available at build-time and won’t hold up delivery; assured compatibility with existing hardware upon upgrade.
Unprecedented Warranty
3 years on all parts and 5 years on hard drives. Support contracts with MFG are not required. Ask for warranty details from your Sales Representative.
Unit Pricing
SourceIT USA NVRs are available to you at industry standard pricing, not software manufacturer markups.
SourceIT USA NVRs are...
Built with the highest quality PC components available from Intel for assured compatibility and performance.
Windows 10 Operating System
Support for Windows 7, Vista or 2003 Server upon request.
Serial ATA Hard Drive Backplane
Hot Swap capable.
3Ware Controllers
Configurable in RAID 1 (Mirror) or stand alone.
Compatible with...
Software MFG requirements.
Recordable DVD-RW drives for export of data.
Technical Support
Available at no additional charge, and there is no maintenance fee for duration of warranty. (Available in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U capacities.)
NVR Compatible
Installed with OnGuard 2016 (Alternate firmware can be specified as needed.)